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Al-Zahra University women witnessed the launch of the inaugural session of the Fatimid Women’s Forum for Leadership and Strategy.

The first session of the Fatimid Women’s Forum was initiated at Al Zahraa University for women. It is being held by the Al-Warith Academy for (Human Development and Strategic Studies) affiliated with the Holy Shrine of Al-Hussainia for over a period of seven days, starting from(1-7  Safar 1445) corresponding to(18/8–24/8, 2023) at the Umm Abiha (auditorium of the university)

 The Secretary-General of the Holy Hussainia Shrine Mr.Hassan Rashid Al-Abaiji) participated in the opening of the event along with the President of the University, (Prof. Dr. Zainab Al-Mulla Al-Sultani), the Director General of the Iraqi Women Empowerment Department in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers,( Dr. Yusra Karim Mohsen), and the Assistant President of Al-Zahra University for Affairs Scientific (Prof.Dr. Zuhair Muhammad Ali Al-Asadi) and a large number of members from different feminist and academic groups. During the speech he delivered at the forum, the Secretary-General indicated the need for Muslim women to follow the example of Sayyeda Fatema Zahra (peace be upon her) in her religiosity, morals, values and her social and educational role.

The President of Al-Zahra University in her speech at the Forum emphasized on the same  in which she stated that women must play all the roles entrusted to them at the family, practical and professional levels, and that they should always strive to develop themselves following the example of Sayyeda Fatema Zahra. 

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