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Al-Zahraa University for Women attains another scientific achievement by being included in the QS Top Universities list

In its journey of consistent progress towards scientific achievements and its path full of accomplishments  in the global academic field, Al-Zahraa University for women attained  a new achievement by being included in the (QS stars Ratings), as the university obtained three stars out of five stars to be one of the Top Universities. The classification of the the global standard included eight axes, including: education standard, employment standard, academic development standard, internationalization standard, e-learning standard, social responsibility standard, comprehensiveness standard, and other specialized standards.

This great achievement is the result of the constant support from the Holy Shrine of Hussein and due to the joint cooperation provided by the special committee to register the university on prominent international sites.

Edited by: Ruqayya Muhammad

Translated by: M.M Arwa Ahmed Husain

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