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Al-Zahraa University (peace be upon her) for Women hosts women’s research sessions within the activities of the sixteenth Martyrdom Spring Festival.

Al-Zahra University (peace be upon her) for Women hosted the activities of the sixteenth International Martyrdom Spring Festival, on its third day, which included workshops and specialized research sessions for women, and these sessions were held in three of the university’s halls, on Sunday 26/2/2023.
In the Qur’anic axis, two Qur’anic studies were presented entitled: “The Concept of Liberation in the Texts of Athqaleen ’’: Al-Hussein (peace be upon him) as a Model”, presented by Dr. Zina Kadem, and “Quranic Buildings in the Renaissance of Imam Al-Hussein (peace be upon him)” presented by Professor Zainab Al-Khabbaz.
As for the educational axis, it included educational research entitled: (Addiction and Drugs: Between Freedom and Responsibility), presented by: Dr. Alia Naseer, and Dr. Nadine Yassin, and Dr. Nagham Abdel-Reda, and Dr. Anfal Saleem.
The media axis included a specialized workshop entitled: (Developing Purposeful Content), which was presented by: Dr. Bayan Al-Areedh, Dr. Zahraa Al-Haddad, Ms. Safaa Al-Ramahi, and Ms. Ramla Al-Khuzai.
In conclusion, shields of thanks and certificates of appreciation were presented to everyone who presented research and workshops by the sponsoring Preparatory Committee to the festival’s activities.

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