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Female students from the College of Pharmacy at Al Zahra University in an attempt to bring joy and happiness in their lives, organized a visit for the orphans to the premises of Al Zahra University as a part of their Students Activities curriculum.

The students from the third stage of the College of Pharmacy organized a visit for the orphaned children from the Foundation (A little is better than deprivation) under the supervision of Dr. Russell Malik Al-Deddav to the premises of Al-Zahra University (peace be upon her)for women,in an attempt to bring joy and happiness by providing them psychological and moral support.
The activity included several sub activities that aimed at directing and educating parents and drawing their attention towards the urgency of the hazards of the excessive use of electronic devices by children, and the importance of following up on the scientific and educational aspect and developing their talents.
The activity also included certain competitions like drawing competitions to encourage their participation and were presented gifts in order to boost their motivation.

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