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The Department of Arabic Language/College of Education and the Department of Physiotherapy/College of Health and Medical Technologies at Al-Zahraa University for Women organized a graduation ceremony for fourth-stage students, on Sunday corresponding to 3/19/2023, at Umm Abiha Hall.
The ceremony began with verses from the Holy Quran recited by Dr. Muhammad Kadem Al-Mamouri, and then there was a speech for each of the following: The President of Al-Zahraa University for Women: Prof. Dr. Zainab Al-Mulla Al-Sultani, Dean of the College of Health and Medical Technologies: Prof. Dr. Hassan Al-Qazzaz, Dean of the College of Education: Prof. Iman Samir Bahia, Head of the Department of Physiotherapy: Dr. Nihad Al-Rubaie, and Head of the Arabic Language Department: Dr. Hoda Al-Amaidi. So,they were followed by two speeches by two students from the Department of Arabic Language and the Department of Physiotherapy.
In conclusion, a group photo was taken of the graduating students, accompanied by the university president, her assistants, department heads, and the teaching staff.

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