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In conjunction with the holy month of Ramadan, the Student Activities Department organized a visit to the Al-Wareth Shelter.”

The Student Activities Department organized a visit to Dar Al-Wareth for accommodation and community rehabilitation, which is part of the community service curriculum.
With the aim of informing university students about the projects adopted by the Imam Hussain Holy Shrine to promote the concept of humanitarian projects and voluntary work in the community, especially since the homeless children and victims of societal violence. Children were provided moral support with the aim of developing a spirit of help and social solidarity by distributing gifts and toys to them and spreading a spirit of hope and tranquility among them.
While the head of the Student Activities Department, Dr. Faten Abdel-Kazim Al-Daami, presented an awareness lecture entitled (The Game of Life and Mental Health), which targeted an important segment of society, the young women in Dar Al-Wareth for accommodation and our students. The lecture was very well received and provoked a realization towards their sufferings and adversities.

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