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In order to meet the current scientific and research requirements, Al-Zahraa University,for women, reinforced the Memorandum of Understanding with The Mashhad University for Medical Sciences with an additional appendix.

The President of Al-Zahra University Prof. Dr. Zainab Abdul-Hussein Al-Mulla Al-Sultani approved and acknowledged and thereby signed the first academic annex to the memorandum of understanding between the two universities, which included the addition of seven (7) paragraphs, including those related to the exchange of academic experiences between the faculties of pharmacy in the two universities and the organization of short scientific courses.It also consists of the formation of research teams and activating cooperation in the field of scientific research and publishing researches and a file that lists the needof equipping laboratories with innovations, the completion of the animal house project and other aspects of joint exchange of capabilities and experiences.
This addition indicates itself as a part of the need of the two universities to expand and widen the horizons of cooperation after the completion of most of the provisions of the previously concluded agreement, as well as keeping pace with the development in the various academic fields of the faculties, particularly pharmacy.

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