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The delegation of Al-Zahraa University for women, visited The Mashhad University of Medical Sciences with an aim to activate memorandums of understanding and the concept of moving to applied reality.

A delegation from Al-Zahraa University for women, headed by the President of the University (Prof. Dr. Zainab Abdul-Hussein Al-Mulla Al-Sultani) the Assistant dean to the Scientific Affairs of Al-Zahra University and College of Pharmacy (Professor Zuhair Muhammad Ali) and the President of the Pharmaceuticals Branch (Dr. Dia Rahim Al-Tamimi), where the delegation, was accompanied by the University Education Authority headed by the President of the University Education Authority (Professor Haider Al-Tamimi) and the President of Warith Al-Anbiya University (Professor Ibrahim Hayawi), discussed with the delegation of the University of Mashhad significant and prominent research and academic points. The two delegations continued their tour within the university, specifically the building associated with the Faculty of Pharmacy, where the scientific requirements of the two universities coincide.
It is noteworthy that the meeting paved the way for holding an academic supplement to the joint cooperation agreement within an agreed roadmap that aims to put agreements with local and foreign universities into effect and updates a number of academic work systems within medical laboratories and colleges.
Al-Zahraa University for women had earlier signed a memorandum of understanding with Mashhad University of Medical Sciences within the framework of an international strategy aimed at strengthening the role of the university in the regional academic environment.

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