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Public Relations Skills: A Training Workshop Held By The Department of Media and Government Communications


Given the importance of the work of public relations both inside and outside institutions, the Department of Media and Government Communications at Al-Zahraa University for Women, in cooperation with the Continuous Education Center, organized a scientific workshop entitled (Public Relations Skills), presented by Mr. Haider Khalil Ibrahim, on Sunday, 4/2/2024, in the Al-Kawthar Center for Continuous Education.

The workshop shed light on the definition of this term, which means utilizing electronic or non-electronic projects to turn public opinion on a certain product or demonstrating a product to a specific audience and creating a positive publicity for it.

Public relations are classified into:

Internal relations, community relations, government relations, and media relations.

The basic functions in this field are also distributed to:

Trend rationalization,

Measuring public opinion trends,

Devising institution’s policies which take into account the interest of the public.

In addition, implementing programs aimed at gaining public satisfaction.

Translated and edited by: M.M. Inam Mohamed Hasan

February 12, 2024

Translation Unit

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