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The auditorium of the department of continuous Education opens up for the conclusion of the (etiquette workshop) organized by the Quality Assurance Department in cooperation with the continuous Education Department

The Quality Assurance Department at Al-Zahra University (peace be upon her) for women concluded the training workshop that it had begun to develop the skills of female teaching and administrative staff at the university in the field of etiquette and general protocol.
The lecturer in the workshop, Ms. Hawra Al-Hunun, explained in conversation with the (University Media) that the training was carried in the form of two workshops, the first aimed at defining etiquettes and the relationship of Islam with etiquetts.
As well as the etiquette of official and social dealings and good behavior, in courtesy, shaking hands, talking, error and apology, smoking, respecting appointments with guests, and other concepts necessary for daily cooperation within the framework of accomplishing the daily tasks entrusted to the affiliates. The second workshop was presented by (Dr. Farah Al-Fadhili) and included training the service staff in various arts, including developing personal skills, safety and public health, in addition to dealing with chemicals.

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