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The Dean of the College of Pharmacy meets with the third-year students.

Within the series of periodic meetings that held by the Dean of the College of Pharmacy at Al-Zahra University (peace be upon her) for Women , the Dean of the College, A. M. Dr.. Nour Hatif Nasser al-Dabbagh and scientific assistant a. M. Dr. Ghufran Muhammad Hussein with a group of third-year students, on Wednesday, 24/2/2023.
The meeting included several axes, the most important of which are: directives on the need to adhere to a decent uniform in a manner appropriate to the sanctity and affiliation of the university, as well as guidance on the need to adhere to daily lectures and laboratories, the importance of continuous follow-up and focus on the vocabulary of all academic subjects.
The Dean of the College and the scientific assistant also listened to a group of challenges faced by female students and discussed these challenges extensively, promising their female students to develop appropriate urgent solutions.

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