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The Department for Studies and Planning at the university holds a training course based on International humanitarian law.

In accordance with the ministerial directives and with regards to the university’s training plans, the Department for Studies and Planning, in cooperation with the Department of Continuing Education at Al-Zahra University (peace be upon her), organized a training course for the female students based on the principles of the international humanitarian law that lasted for about a period of three days.The course was presented by Dr. Wissam Ali. The course included a specific introduction to a certain kind of law, which is regarded as the branch of public international law, furthermore it also consisted of explaining the most important principles that are quoted in its written and customary sources. It is worth noting that this course comes within several other courses that are being organized in the similar field, aiming to provide the basic knowledge and enhancing their existing knowledge about various legal information thus leading to their empowerment in the legal areas.

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