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The Department of Arabic Language organizes a specialized course on improving Arabic calligraphy skills using a regular pen

The College of Education/Department of Arabic Language at Al-Zahra University for women, in cooperation with the Department of Continuing Education, held a training course entitled: (Improving Arabic Calligraphy with an Ordinary Pen) presented by Prof. Dr. Hamid Yacoub Naima, for a period of three consecutive days, at (9 am) in the morning, at Al-Kawthar Hall for Continuing Education.
The course included an introduction to the stages of preparing the pen and the types of Arabic calligraphy, as each type has its own rules, and the
Al Ruq’a calligraphy and its origins, which is one among the types of calligraphy that is used on a regular basis.The workshop also included practical exercises in application of the theoretical concepts.

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