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The Department of Radiology organizes a discussion of the graduation research of fourth-year female students

Within a sober scientific atmosphere, the Department of Radiology/College of Health and Medical Technologies at Al-Zahraa University for Women organized a discussion of the graduation research of fourth-stage female students for the academic year 2022_2023, on Sunday corresponding to 4/2/2023. In the presence of the President of Al-Zahraa University for Women: Prof. Zainab Al-Mulla Al-Sultani, Vice President for Scientific Affairs: Prof. Zuhair Muhammad Ali Jadoua, Dean of the College of Health and Medical Technologies: Dr. Hassan Al-Qazzaz, Head of the Radiology Department: Dr. Sadiq Halim Al-Murshidi, and Head of the Physiotherapy Department: Dr. Nihad Al-Rubaie.
In this regard, the Head of the Department of Radiology, Dr. Sadiq Al-Murshidi, said: Today, the graduation research papers of female students of the Department of Radiology at Al-Zahraa University for Women were discussed, as they were divided into groups that were prepared by specialized committees and supervised by qualified professors in the field of radiology to discuss and review these researches. The students’ performance was very good.

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