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The legal custodian of the Holy Husseynia Shrine inaugurates two anatomy laboratories and a set of programs at Al-Zahraa University for Women.

Within the plans of developing the infrastructure and academic programs of Al-Zahraa University for Women, the legal guardian of the Holy Hussain Shrine, His Eminence Sheikh Abdul Al-Mahdi Al-Karbalai (may his glory last) inaugurated two anatomy laboratories in the College of Pharmacy, an educational pharmacy, and a group of halls, including the continuing education hall, the launch of the Ducking drug analysis program and electronic archiving service, on Sunday corresponding to 3/26/2023.
His Eminence was accompanied at the opening by the Secretary General of the Holy Husseiniya Shrine, Hassan Al-Abaiji (may his blessings last) ‚ the President of Al-Wareth University: Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Al-Hayawi and Head of the National Center for Medical Competence Assessment: Prof. Dr. Sabih Abbas.
They were received at Al-Zahraa University for Women, the President of the University: Prof. Dr. Zainab Al-Mulla Al-Sultani , Vice President for Scientific Affairs: Prof. Dr. Zuhair Muhammad Ali Al-Asadi , Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs: Prof.Dr. Hamid Ibrahim Al-Tamimi, Dean of the College of Pharmacy: Prof. Dr. Noor Hatif Hussein, Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs of the College of Pharmacy: Dr. Aziz Hussein, Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs of the College of Pharmacy: Dr. Ghufran Muhammad, Dean of the College of Health and Medical Technologies: Dr. Hassan Hadi Al-Qazzaz, Dean of the College of Education: Prof. Dr. Iman Samir Bahia, Head of the Radiology and Ultrasound Department: Dr. Sadiq Halim Al-Morshedi, and the Director of Electronic Calculator: Dr. Muhammad Abu Al-Maali.
His Eminence was briefed on the two new laboratories, which have international and unique specifications and competence. He praised the drug program, which is the first of its kind in Iraq in the field of university education, as it is characterized by reducing (Effort, cost, and time) and placing it as a basic educational subject in the educational curriculum for students of the Collage of Pharmacy, as well as the educational pharmacy, which is distinguished by the realistic application of the students in terms of practicing work in the pharmacy and how to treat the patient in emergency cases.

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