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The Religious Pattern in the Poetry of Sedef Bin Maimon: A Workshop Organized by the Department of Arabic Language.

The Department of Arabic Language / College of Education at Al-Zahraa University (peace be upon her) for Women held a scientific workshop entitled: (The Religious Pattern in the Poetry of Sedef Bin Maimon) presented by : M.M. Tabarek Hamid Hussein, on Monday corresponding to 3/13/2023, in the hall of the Arabic Language Department.
The workshop included identifying the new current, which is cultural criticism. All the ideas and beliefs that literary discourse broadcasts are among the folds of aesthetic texts. Exploring the depths of literary discourse to search for the cultural patterns hidden under it needs active personalities through which these patterns are transmitted. Therefore, the choice fell on Sedef bin Maimon. The black Abbasid poet who was killed by the Abbasids because of his confrontation with authority, direct confrontation with them, and professing his love for their enemies.

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