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A delegation from Al-Zahraa University for Women attends the play “The Resurrection of the Earth”.

Based on the importance of attending artistic works that embody the values of the prophets and imams (peace be upon them) and inculcate love for the country and sacrifice for its sake in the human soul, as well as the social, moral, political and humanitarian messages that are presented in a practical way, a delegation from Al-Zahraa University for Women attended in a play entitle: “The resurrection of the earth”, on Thursday corresponding to 3/16/2023, in Karbala.
The delegation was represented by the president of Al-Zahra University for girls: Prof. Dr. Zainab Al-Mulla Al-Sultani, and a group of teaching, administrative and student staff.
It is worth noting that the play “The Resurrection of the Earth” is being held for the first time in Karbala, with a remarkable audience. It is considered as a joint work between Iraqi actors and Iranian actors, in cooperation with the Karbala Satellite Channels Group, and it will last for 10 days. It is a huge show that mixes history and the present in a modern way and invests in the tools of modern technology.

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