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In memory of the martyrdom of the commander of Al-Ghar Al-Muhajalin (peace be upon him), Al-Zahraa University (peace be upon her ) for women honors the winners of the “Fatimiyah electronic competition

After the Student Activities Department at Al-Zahra University (peace be upon her) launched the electronic competition entitled “Fatimiyah” during the last period, the day of the birth of the Amirul Mumineen Ali Ibn- E-Abi-Talib (peace be upon him) to be precise, the department concluded this competition in conjunction with the Islamic nation’s commemoration of the martyrdom of the Amirul Mumineen Ali Ibn- E-Abi-Talib (peace be upon him). The university organized a central ceremony to honor the winners of the competition who competed according to a timed curriculum to send the answers to the team concerned with the competition.

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